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 Executive Director  John M. Nadeau, P.G.                                                                                                                                                   NYSCPG      518-579-6580
President Gregory C. Wyka, P.G., LEED AP ND
 Vice President  Jim Janora, P.G.  McMahon & Mann Consulting  
 Treasurer  George M. Lukert, P.G.  WSP USA  
 Secretary  Mark A. Williams, P.G C.T. Male Associates  
 Past President  Eugene Florentino, P.G., PMP  GHD Services, Inc.    

 Director  Michael D. Burke, P.G., CHMM  Langan    
Director Robert Garfield, P.G. HRGS    
Director  Josh Gowan, P.G.  Alpha Geoscience    
Director  Erik Gustafson, P.G.WSP USA    
Director  Tom Morahan, P.G.  NY State Professional Geological Services, PLLC    
 Director  Cheryl Neary, P.G.                                     Island Pump & Tank    
Director  Calvin K. Prothro, P.G.  Central NY Association of Professional Geologists    
Director  Rick M. Watt, P.G.  WSP USA    

Director Chris W. Wenczel, P.G. ERM Consulting & Engineering, Inc.  
 Director Steven Muller, P.G.J.C. Broderick & Associates   

NYSCPG is the principal organization of professional geologists responsible for the advancement of the competent and ethical practice of geology in New York State.
If you are a geologist working or studying in New York State, we invite you to join the NYSCPG. We also welcome and appreciate academic and corporate sponsorship. Keep current, keep connected! 

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